The Limited Edition Liberty Combat Knife with Field Manual is Here!
Sgt. Grim explains the basics of the
(Liberty Combat Knife)
weapons system,
to the new recruits.
The LICK is a limited edition of 50 custom, hand-crafted, close-quarters, combat knives. 
Designed specifically for the modern battlefield and body armor, the LICK is a throwback
to the trenches of WWI and the wide-ranging warfare of WWII and Viet Nam.
With only one purpose in mind, the LICK is designed to kill the enemy.  It is more than just a knife. 
It is a fist-full of hurt.
Wrap your hands around this weapons system and you will know what death feels like. . .
for someone else.
The LICK comes with its own Field Manual , FM 3-150.  FM 3-150 outlines the different ways the LICK weapons system can be carried, as well as target illustrations for
blunt trauma and blade targets, both armored and soft.
There is no other combat knife on the market that is comparable or that has its own Field Manual.
One NCO even said FM 3-150 was helpful for triaging knife wounds and battlefield surgery.
You know if an NCO says it, you can take it as gospel truth.

The list price for the LICK is nine hundred bucks!  Yeah, I know that HURTS!
But, if you contact me, you  may be able to take advantage of a discount.
After three years of development, I can't apologize for the price.
It's a limited edition, hand-crafted, sweat, blood, and experience weapons system. . .
with a Field Manual!
No matter how much money you have to spend, you can't find that anywhere else.

Will Ghormley          or          515-979-7725
Nothing can make the LICK weapon system safe.
It is engineered to kill.  But for training purposes, I do manufacture a blade shroud for the LICK.  The blade shroud can't make the LICK safe.  In fact, the LICK is still a lethal weapon with the blade shroud in place.  If used carefully and responsibly, the LICK, with serviceable blade shroud in place, probably won't kill or maim many trainees.  The blade shrouds are $50.
Train like you'll fight 
and you'll fight like you trained!
FM 3-150 is patterned after the classic format of the Military Field Manual.
With 22 illustrations in the 19 pages, explanation is not in short supply.  Information was drawn from other FMs, medical text, and field experience.
FM 3-150 is a valuable asset for close quarters combat whether you own a LICK weapon system or not.  The information on wounds prompted one NCO to remark on FM 3-150's value in triaging wounds and field surgery.  If you would like to add FM 3-150 to your resource library on combat and survival skills, it is sold separately from the weapon system.  Shipped within the U.S., $25 delivers FM 3-150 to your door, (two for $40).
A little"party trick" for a rough "party".
What do you do when the knife fight turns into a gun fight?  Do you drop your knife to draw your gun, or take the time to put the knife away?
​This doesn't have to be a problem with the LICK weapon system.
WARNING: Guns and Knives are dangerous!  Do not try this while you are loaded or your gun is loaded.  Loaded or not, LICK will cut you if you are stupid or careless.  (See blade shroud advertisement above.)  
Securing LICK with the grip of the thumb, move the fingers to the outside of the knuckle guard.  Curl the fingers around the outside of the knuckle guard so the tips of the fingers are back in their holes from the other side.
With the fingers curled around the outside of the knuckle guard, release the grip with the thumb.  Loosely close grip with fingers and the LICK swings out, leaving the hand free to hold a sidearm.  
With LICK still in hand, draw sidearm without disemboweling one's self.  Take up a good shooting stance and grip, making sure blade of LICK does not interfere with ejecting casings, (causing a weapon's malfunction. 
Finding theSerial Number Markings on matched LICK and sheath.
The LICK Serial Number is stamped into
the butt of the handle below the eagle's head.
The Serial Number for the matching sheath is stamped into the top, left-hand copper rivet.