Returning to the Constitution

Returning to the Constitution

Lexington and Concord

by Will Ghormley on 12/20/12

I've been working on an article about Lexington and Concord, "The Shot Heard 'Round the World".  I'm not done, but my comments can't wait.  Concord wasn't the first bloodshed that preceded the Revolutionary War, but it was significant.  Great Britain had attempted to disarm the Colonies a little bit at a time.  But, they came to a point where the Americans weren't going to give another inch.  So, the British had begun disarming the people by force.

They had done so on several occasions successfully, but this time it was different.  Eight Americans were killed at Concord as the British troops searched for Assault Weapons and Ammunition.  The British pushed on to Lexington, where they again began to confiscate Assault Weapons, including destroying cannon, (and Nancy whines about an AR15).  However, the Americans had had enough.  This time they were organized, trained, and assembled together into a fighting force, summoned by an informal system of communication that traveled faster than the British troops could march.

The Americans faced the British and drove them back.  The Colonialist continually advance, regrouped, and reengaged the retreating British forces.  It was the first real military victory of the Revolutionary War...and it happened a year before the Declaration of Independence was even penned!

Oppressive governments have always disarmed subjects they intended to oppress.  And, even in the Colonies, there were Colonials who argued Britain had the right to disarm Americans.  The question is, does this generation of American have the metal to resist tyranny and oppression as our forefathers did, or have we grown too fond of our excesses?  Unfortunately, I know too many vocal critics of our government who love their "things" more than Liberty.  They will do everything they have to do to save "some" of what they have saved, rather than count it all as lost to secure Liberty for their posterity.  I will write more about Lexington and Concord when I have time to finish it.

The Articles of Confederation, November 15, 1777

by Will Ghormley on 12/18/12

I have never spent much time thinking about the Articles of Confederation...after all, it was pushed aside by our current Constitution just short of ten years later when the Constitution was adopted by the Constitutional Convention, September 17th, 1787, (however, it didn't go into effect until March 4th, 1789).  I had heard the Articles of Confederation left the Federal Government weak because of the very reasonable fear of a powerful centralized government.  Those fears, by the way, have proven to be very well founded.

The Articles of Confederation created a weak Federal Government investing most of the authority in the individual states.  This created quite a few problems, nearly leading to wars between the states themselves.  So, delegates from each of the states were sent to the convention to seek a solution.  The convention resulted in a Constitution that strengthened the authority of the Federal Government, but restricted the legal limits of the Federal Government, leaving all unspecified powers not assigned to the Federal Government in the hands of the individual states, and individual citizens themselves.  This was a near perfect balance of power that kept the strengthened Federal Government from oppressing the states or the citizens.

If previous generations had only restrained the Federal Government to its Constitutional bounded limitations, we would not be in the mess we are today.  However, incrementally, the Federal Government has been assuming powers that were previously, and remain Constitutionally, in the hands of states and citizens.  We have come to the point now, where the Federal Government has become so contemptuous of the Constitution, and the American Citizen, that citizens are now considered the personal revenue source of the government itself.

This Generation must decide if we will reclaim our Constitutionally protected unalienable rights, or if we will quietly pass oppression on to our children as their birthright. 

What has been happening since 1913!?

by Will Ghormley on 12/12/12

The Congress of 1913 gave us the Federal Reserve Board, the Personal Income Tax, (to insure a revenue stream to the Class A Stock Holders of the 12 privately owned banks that make up the Federal Reserve Board), and the Internal Revenue Service as the extra-Constitutional enforcement arm to guarantee compliance with the Federal Reserve Board and the Personal Income Tax.  In the 99 years since then, the middle class of United States has been systematically drained of our productivity and earnings through the manufactured crisis-es of: 


The consolidation of wealth by international banks during the crash of Wall Street and the Farm Crisis in the Great Depression,



Viet Nam,

The Cold War,

The Farm Crisis of the 1980s,

The EPA restrictions on drilling for, and refining domestic oil,

The First Gulf War,

The Second Gulf War,

The Fiscal Cliff, (What a joke!  Our American Dollar is only worth 3 cents and it costs 5.2 cents to print it!),

Increased regulations on Agriculture and the impending Farm Crisis of 2013-15,

The total collapse of  the American Dollar in December of 2013.

If we don't take a stand now to return our nation to the Constitution as our rule of law, our children and grandchildren will inherit oppression as their American Birthright!

"Earn This."

by Will Ghormley on 12/08/12

"Saving Private Ryan", the first movie I saw that came close to combat...

Private Ryan on the bridge, "Tank buster s sir.  P51s"

Capt. Miller, "Angels on my shoulders...Earn this James...earn it..."

Earn it America...earn it...

Being Part of THE Solution

by Will Ghormley on 12/08/12

America isn't a "Democracy", we are a democratically elected REPUBLIC.  In a democracy, there are no rights other than those belonging to the mob.  In a OUR Republic, individuals have rights that can't be taken away, and they are established by and protected by the Constitution as the rule of law.

For thirty years I have been aware of what has been happening in America.  I have always been concerned, but have always thought "elections" could fix our problems.  I realize the mob has taken over the elections, and if we are to save our Republic, we must fight back.  From now on, I pledge to be part of THE solution.  To passively accept oppression is to be part of the problem.

The goal of the Constitutional States of America is to return our nation to the original Rule of Law established by our CONSTITUTION.  Our current governmental body has long abandoned its Constitutional restraint, thrown off the rule of law protecting the unalienable rights of citizens, and rules contrary to the United States' foundational principals.

"But when a long Train of Abuses and Usurpations, pursuing invariably to the same Objective, evinces a Design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their Right, it is their Duty, to throw off such Government..."
Declaration of Independence.
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